Ultimate Womens JO Team 

Ultimate's girls work hard and manage to have fun too!  We believe in providing an atmosphere that is not only challenging but also positive!

We house Levels 3-10 who compete throughout the state at the beginning levels, and throughout the USA for our higher level competitors who qualify for Regional and Nationals at the end of the season.  We offer a travel meet to anyone who enjoys traveling.  Last year our team traveled to California.  This season we will be going to the Magical Classic in Orlando!

Some of our gymnasts will compete for their High School and then come back to Team after their season is over.
Our competition season begins in November and goes through to Nationals in May. 
Level 3/4 State
Level 6/7 State
Level 8/9 State 
Level 7/8 Regional 
Yelp Review

While the recreational gym program is great, this review pertains to the competitive team program.  My gymnast did 3 gyms in 3 states.  We've seen the worlds of heartless competitive drive, TOP/Elite, booster clubs, etc. 

Ultimate Gymnastics is THE gym to be. 
1) The business model is professional; experienced coaches trained in their field as well as CPR, respectful, knowledgeable and helpful office staff, countinuous improvements in the facility and programs. 
2) The team program is phenomenal.  The athletes who succeed at Ultimate are the team-spirited, supportive, caring ones.  They thrive under coaches who cheer on ALL the competitors at a meet.  They learn to love the sport, develop physically and mentally, and become well-rounded people. 
3) Ultimate attends and hosts charity meets- if you haven't been in the 'other' kind of gym, then you don't realize how charity meets are the antithesis of the selfish pressure that can exist for a team to win prize money to 'deserve' new equipment.  

I can't say enough about Ultimate... It was hard to believe this "nice" gym (NO dietary restrictions, weigh-ins, shouting coaches, required meets in far away areas aka "fly meets", mysterious level placements, and banning of parents from watching practice or speaking at meets) could get their athletes to high levels... but they do, and the athletes get to high levels with a strength of character they couldn't get at those "tough" gyms. 

Compulsary Head Coach
Stacy Wall- [email protected]

Team Coaches
Wendy Ambrose- [email protected]
Steve Kams- [email protected]
Tina Hoyer- [email protected]
Jeff Grandt - [email protected]
Adina Tataru - [email protected]

Girls Team Director
Rebecca Sanders- [email protected]

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