Womens Collegiate Athletes

Current Ultimate Gymnast


Sylvia Raquel

Class of 2020

Status: Available

Skills Mastered: 
Vault- Yurchenko Layout
Bars- Free Hip Handstand-Toe Catch, Double Tuck Dismount 
Beam- FF Layout, Kickover Front, RO-Double Full Dismount, Switchleap Layout Stepout
Floor- Double Tuck, FHS Front Full-Pike, RO Double Full

Skills Training: 
Vault- Yurchenko Full
Bars- Blind-Pike Jaegar, Giant-Pak Salto 
Beam- FF Layout, Layout, and Front Aerial
Floor- Double Pike, FHS Front Full-Layout, RO FF 2 1/2, Punch Front Stepout Double Pike

Competition Results:
2017 Level 9 Eastern National Qualifier
2017 Leve 9 Regional Vault and Beam Champion, 2nd Place AA
2017 Level 9 Vault State Champion 
2015 Level 8 Beam and Floor State and Regional Champion, Region 5 AA Champion
​2013 Level 7 Floor and AA Champion
Region5 Gymnastics Insider

Anna Becker

Class of 2023

Status: Available

Skills Training: 
Vault- Yurchenko Full
Bars- Blind-Pike Jaegar, Blind-Full Double Back
Beam- Punch Front, FF Lay Lay-Full Dismount, Switch Side
Floor- Double Tuck, FHS Front Full-Tuck, RO FF 1 1/2 Pike, Rudi 

Skills Mastered: 
Vault- Pike Yurchenko
Bars- Giant Pak Salto, Piroutte, Giant Free Hip HS, Double Back
Beam- Flip Flop Layout, Flip Flop Layout-Full Dismount, Switch Leap Back Tuck, FF Lay Lay
Floor-RO 1 1/2 Pike Front, RO Flip Flop 1 1/2, FHS Lay Pike, Switch 

Competition Results:
2017 Level 8 State 8th Vault, 6th Beam, 10th Floor
2017 Level 8 Retionals 10th Beam

2016 Level 7 Regionals 3rd Vault and 8th Beam
2016 Level 7 Regional Illinois State Team

Ashley Derrick

Class of 2023

Status: Available​​

Skills Training: 
Vault- Yurchenko Full
Bars- Piroutte Bail
Beam- Aerial Cartwheel-Full Dismount, Switch Leap-Back Tuck
Floor-Double Pike, Front Full Pike

Skills Mastered: 
Vault- Yurchenko Layout
Bars- HS- Bail, Free Hip HS Double Back
Beam- Flip Flop Layout, Split Jump-Back Tuck, Aerial Cartwheel
Floor- RO Double Full, FHS Lay Pike

Competition Results: 
2018 Level 9 State Vault Champion
2017 Level 8 State Vault Champion
2017 Level 8 Regional Illinois State Team
2017 Level 8 State AA 2nd Place
2016 Level 7 State AA 4th Place
2015 Level 6 State Floor Champion
2014 Level 5 State AA 6th Place
2013 Level 5 State Vault Champion 
2013 Level 5 State AA 2nd Place

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Current Collegiate Gymnasts

Emily Basara

Ally Hoyer

Lauren Marshall​​

Bailee Hardy​

Northern Illinois University 

​​Michigan State University 


​​ UW-Oshgosh

Previous Ultimate Collegiate Gymnasts

Danielle Aber
Erin Schmidt
Beth Kliver
Kacey Holop
Lauren Feely

Class of 2004
Class of 2004
Class of 2005
Class of 2008
Class of 2013

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